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Furniture Pool and Toy Library (FPTL)

Contact: Aida Gradascevic

Location: 234 S. Catalina Ave (rear house)


Questions? Send an email to

The Furniture Pool and Toy Library is staffed by volunteers from the CWC.  Members pay a small administration fee to participate.  Borrowers must be members of the CWC, or affiliated with Caltech, JPL, the Huntington Library, or associated Observatories, such as Carnegie. 

The Furniture Pool & Toy Library was closed November 1st to begin the “Reboot Project". We would like to re-open it as soon as possible and are looking for CWC volunteers to help. Send us an email if you want to help out at

The work has already begun!  Aida, Ellen, Maria, and Sudha, our Furniture Pool & Toy Library team, have culled through the inventory and staged the items we’ll be keeping in the back rooms of the Furniture Pool & Toy Library house. We’ve also set-up the temporary tent for the surplus items!

Now we’re ready to invite the Caltech community to come by for CWC Open Houses and Tent Event Sales to name their own price for the excess toys, games, clothes, books, household goods, and baby furniture. We decided on this approach as the simplest and nicest way to share our resources with the Caltech community and ask for their support. The first event is scheduled for this Saturday, November 17th from 10-2 PM.


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Can't attend and want to support the CWC Furniture Pool & Toy Library?

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