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The purpose of the Caltech Women's Club is to promote friendships and the sharing of mutual interests. We are a group of people who have a connection with Caltech in common. We are of different ages and races and nationalities and have different interests and lifestyles. Most of us are women, a few of us are men. Some of us have been here in Pasadena for years and others are just arriving. The Caltech Women's Club provides us all with a way to connect with our community. 


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Why Join?

The goal of the Caltech Women's Club is to promote friendship and the sharing of mutual interests. The CWC has been active for over 100 years and provides a venue for the diverse Caltech/JPL/CIT Affiliates community to meet in social and shared-interest groups. 

The CWC also provides services to the Caltech community through active sponsorship, coordination, and staffing of:

Every member receives 7 copies of the bulletin each year, invitations to club-wide events including luncheons at the Athenaeum, invited speakers, and membership in activity groups that are of interest to them.  Click here to join now!

Click here to be directed to our Publications page which includes:

  • Online copies of the CWC bulletin
  • The Pasadena Area Guide updated as of Fall 2018 is a member-referral listing of useful services helpful for those new to Pasadena, but also to those members looking for special services (plumbers, carpet cleaners, contractors, etc.)
  • CWC members roster, an online version of the annual membership directory distributed in December. The online roster is restricted to CWC members.  You must have a password to open the full roster.

You can also follow us on Facebook to keep in touch, post snapshots of friendship and share areas of mutual interest.