The purpose of the Caltech Women's Club is to promote friendships and the sharing of mutual interests. We are a group of people who have a connection with Caltech in common. We are of different ages and races and nationalities and have different interests and lifestyles. Most of us are women, a few of us are men. Some of us have been here in Pasadena for years and others are just arriving. The Caltech Women's Club provides us all with a way to connect with our community.


Updated Pasadena Area Guide

The Pasadena Area Guide is a project of the Caltech Women's Club and depends entirely on Club members' suggestions offering a list of useful resources such as shopping and  professional services. Looking for a referral for pet sitters, or a good heating company or a great grocery store. Our diverse CWC community has a lot of useful tips to share. The Fall 2014 Area Guide includes changes through November 2014. Many thanks to the editor, Karen Brunschwig for all her hard work.


No CWC Bulletin in January

The Caltech Women's Club Bulletin is published 7 times per year, with no issue in January. Check the Activity and Interest Group web page for details about January meetings.

Some of the groups meeting in January include:

  • Tuesday, January 6 - CATS Study and Business Meeting
  • Monday, January 12 - Morning Book Discussion Group Your Inner Flesh, by Neil Shubin
  • Monday, January 12 - Book Lovers' Soiree The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P. by Adele Waldman
  • Thursday, January 22 - Hiking Group - Griffith Park Hike to Amir's Garden and Bee Rock
  • Wednesday, January 28 - Caltech Women's Investment Group meeting